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Why choose IDeaS on AWS?

What happens when you combine IDeaS solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS)—the world’s most widely adopted cloud platform?

You get a world where hospitality organizations can make faster, more well-informed decisions through streamlined data management, supercharged machine learning, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Choose a winning interface & user experience

Manage your applications using the same tools and cloud services that millions of AWS users trust to drive their businesses forward every day.

Amplify data security

Ensure data security and independence by moving your computing to where the data lives.

Increase accessibility

Give your team access to crucial insights and data from anywhere with an internet connection. Store, upload, and access data quickly from one centralized, standardized location.

Discover the AWS & IDeaS difference

How can IDeaS on AWS assist your organization?

Price inventory quickly & effectively

Automatically find your inventory’s most profitable price point—even as market conditions shift.

Generate proactive forecasts

Predict future market conditions with sharper accuracy. React to changes with higher speed and added decisiveness.

Take back your day

Reduce repetitive work and gain more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Maximize profits across all categories

Empower marketing, sales, and other crucial teams with analytics and insights that help them maximize profits from all sources of revenue.

Get AWS & IDeaS working for you

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